How to Deal: Textbooks Written by WTAMU Professors

How Many Students Feel About TextbooksBeing a student can be expensive, and one of the most expensive things for a student are the books.  However, as I said in my last blog their are ways to get around the expenses.  Many books can be found on websites such as Chegg and CampusBooks.  They are WAY cheaper than your school’s bookstore and are usually just as helpful.  Now, there is the small chance that you will receive your book in horrible condition, but that hardly ever happens. So it’s inconvenient when you are required to buy a book that a professor at WTAMU has written.  I have to say, I can’t imagine the dedication a professor must have to research and write a textbook.  I respect every professor that has done that.  But students usually can only buy these books at the WT bookstore.  Which means they almost have to buy it brand new.  Which means its usually gonna cost a pretty penny. Another inconvenience, is that many tutors whether in person or online can more easily relate to your questions if they have access to the textbook you are using.  When a professor uses a widely known textbook such as Pearson, it is easier to find help when you are struggling. How to Deal: Although these books are more expensive, usually not all your books are going to be written by a WT professor.  So try to look on the bright side, at least you can save money on the rest of your books by using another website. Also, if your book is written by the professor teaching your class, you don’t have to worry about reading material that isn’t necessary for your tests! And, the tutors at WT will be able to help you even if online tutors cannot.  Take advantage of the tutors or labs at WT; they can help! You’re not alone if you’ve felt frustration in this situation, but take advantage of the perks of the situation and you may find you like it better!

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