Sister Buff

So my younger sister has finally graduated high school…how did time fly by so fast?! :O

Anyways she has decided to become a Buff and move to Canyon. So far she’s enjoying her Summer class, though her professor is driving her nuts just as she did me last semester 😛 and she’s looking forward to moving into my old room in Conner Hall 🙂

It’s so strange to see my sister going through her start as a Buff just as I did 2 years ago. Feels like it’s been a life time since I first moved into Conner Hall, met my current roommate, and started finding my way in college. I can only imagine what her first semester will be like…

Meeting her Coordinator and RAs, living with the returning Conner residents (who are crazy and all get out), getting to know the other new move-ins, learning how to cope with the freedom of college classes, and struggling with time management. She’ll have a blast for sure 🙂 but it’ll also be tough to keep everything in order. Especially knowing how unorganized she can be hahaha 😛

I also can’t wait to share some of these experiences with her. Like her first Homecoming with the Bonfire, the parade, and all the activities they put on 🙂 Going to a play or an opera with the Honors Program. Playing Humans vs Zombies with her in the Spring hahaha 🙂 Theres so much to look forward to!

If her Buff years are anything like mine have been thus far, then theres a hell of a good time ahead! 😀

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