Camping 101

Hey guys 🙂

So this past weekend, my boyfriend and I went camping overnight at lake Greenbelt which is just north of Clarendon. We had a good plan, but as life never makes things easy the plan kinda went out the window. 😛

1) Parental interference caused a late departure

2) I let my bf drive

3) He adventured a bit too far and got my truck stuck in a rain trench :/

4) None of our friends could come help us, and we were too broke to call a tow truck

That was the first 3 hrs of our trip. Despite the stress, we set up our tent, cooked dinner, and made the best of it. Thankfully my bf managed to get the truck out of the trench, and then got it stuck in the sand. A small improvement, but progress nonetheless.

We spent the remainder of the night stargazing and enjoying the warm summer breeze 🙂

The next morning was much better. We cooked breakfast, explored some, and then decided to spend the entire day in the lake. Here is where our decision making turned less than bright 😛 As the truck was still stuck in the sand, we chose to swim from one side of the lake to Kinkaid Park on the other side, which is where everyone else had either camped or parked, in hopes of finding someone to pull us out. About 5 hrs and some ridiculously bad sunburns later we got out of the water and into the truck of our good samaritan.

We got the truck out, packed up our camp, and headed home.

I realize that this story isn’t quite as entertaining since y’all weren’t there, but I hope you will learn from our mistakes 😛 hahaha! May your camping tri[s be far less stressful and have fewer bad decisions!

1 Response to “Camping 101”

  1. 1 Jasmine August 11, 2012 at 5:13 am

    at least we now know any situation can be turned into a positive experience if we just keep our hopes up? haha. i can say personally with overprotective parents i’ve never had a trip like that, but your trip sounds like it was a fun camping adventure.

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