It’s almost time for the fall semester to start again. I am looking forward to getting back into the swing of things, but the other day I met a girl who was nervous about starting her Freshman year. I started thinking back to when I was just about to start my Freshman year and remembered how nervous I had been that summer too. I’m sure there are many out there about to start college for the first time that have the same fears. You are not sure what to expect from college, and for some it is the first time you will be on your own. The one thing I want to say about it is:

Don’t be nervous or scared about college. 

Before you know it the first day of classes will be over with. Then the first week. Then a month. By then you’ve started to get the swing of things, have made some great new friends, and are discovering new places in town to go to. The next thing you know midterms have passed and Finals are just around the corner. Then the first semester is done with faster then you would have thought and you are sad to say goodbye to it all. Don’t forget you are not alone, and there are many just like you who have the same thoughts and feelings. Try not to be nervous, but become excited instead!

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