Seminar Classes

This year most news channels, newspapers, and websites in America will be focusing on the presidential election. However, there will also be focus on this election and the political processes at WT as well. There will be a special Honor’s seminar class titled “A Backstage Pass To The 2012 Presidential Election; Media, Politics, and Policy”

The Honor’s website describes this class as being an in depth look at how all types of media focus on and effect politics. I won’t be taking this class because I already have already taken the two seminar classes required of all Honor’s students. However, it seems like a truly interesting class to look into.

One of the best things about the Honor’s programs, I think, are the seminar classes. Each semester one or two seminar classes are offered each with a different specialized topic. That way, no mater what your major or interests you will be able to choose a class that interests you personally. Make no mistake though, the classes vary in difficulty and are not your average college lecture class. They require a little more work and in class discussion, but the classes will be sure to stick with you for years to come.

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