The LAST Twilight Movie

I’m living in the dorm this summer, helping out as a Mentor for a program WT has called Upward Bound.  The kids get here June 4th, so until then the Shirley Hall summer staff and I have the dorm to ourselves.  Sound great?  Well, we actually get really bored.  In an attempt to be healthier, enjoy the summer weather, and fight this boredom, we’ve committed to spending an hour outside everyday.  Many days our activities are more vigorous than we imagined so we end up sitting in the air conditioned lobby for a while.  I like this time.  We all have natural dopamine and endorphins running through our bodies.  I think this helps to stimulate our thinking and conversation.  Lately, we have been on such a Hunger Games high.  We all went to the midnight premiere and have been keeping up with production on the new movie.  We like to speculate who they will cast as the new characters, etc.  As we were discussing this last night, one friend mentioned Twilight.  We had all been so caught up in Hunger Games that we had forgotten about the last movie of the series coming out this next fall.  I read all the books and have seen all the movies.  I am much more of a fan of the books than the movies, but I am pretty excited about this last movie.  I’m for sure going to the midnight premiere, and I know many of my friends are.  So some news I have found out about Part 2 of Breaking Dawn…

Kristen Stewart’s words on the next film -“It’s so bizarre the tone change. It’s like you’ve always been behind her … She’s how you see that world, and now that her perspective is completely changed it’s like where am I? It’s really cool, but I’m still a little bit … shell-shocked. It’s not like sitting down and watching a Twilight movie.”

Xavier Samuel’s thoughts on Kristen Stewart in the upcoming film – “I think it’s safe to say people won’t be disappointed … she makes a good vampire.”

Most people think this movie is going to be just another twilight movie.  But I’m pretty sure it’s gonna be ACTION-PACKED!

Remember, there is a good chance this will be shown at the Varsity theater for free at Free Movie Night next semester.  Also, midnight premieres at Varsity are awesome!  There’s no line, and you are just a walk away from campus.  If you DO decide to go to Amarillo, Hollywood has a student discount but UA has an Imax theater! Get excited!!!

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