Keeping in Touch

I am really looking forward to this summer because of the trips I get to make in June. Currently two of my close friends in foreign countries on school sponsored trips. One is enjoying Denmark while the other is exploring the jungles of Costa Rica. Sadly, I won’t be leaving the country this summer, but I will be heading out of town. I plan on traveling to Dallas to visit one of my absolute best friends.

The only downfall to our friendship is that she lives in Dallas and I live in Amarillo, a good six hour drive away from each other. However, that has dampened or weakened our friendship one bit. In today’s day and age it is easy to keep in touch with friends and loved ones when they, or you, move away for any reason, like college. Facebook, email, texting, instant messaging, and Skype are some of the many ways to keep in touch with each other. Of course, you could also make good old fashion phone calls, or even send snail mail.

There is a lot you can do to let your friends and loved ones know how much you care and are missing them once you or they have moved away. Sometimes all it takes is a simple as a text saying “I love you” It is always a wonderful feeling to know that someone has been thinking of and missing you. So don’t worry if you are scared that moving away for college means leaving childhood friends and family. You are going to make new friends that will be amazing, but just because you’ve moved away doesn’t mean you have to lose your old friends.


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