Great Running Plan!

So I’ve been running quite a few 5ks lately.  I ran in one each weekend for 4 weeks in a row! I’ve also been very content with running JUST 5ks.  So when a swarm of WT students decided to go to Oklahoma for a half marathon, I thought they were all crazy.  Most of them hadn’t trained near enough, and come on, it’s 13.1 miles! That’s 10 more than a 5k.  I do have to say, I was really proud of them!  The ones I heard back from all finished!  What a feat! But, I still didn’t have any desire to run more than a 5k at a time.

BUT, I am getting married this summer.  And you know how it is, every bride wants to lose a little weight before the wedding.  So I’ve really been trying to get in shape.  I love because it’s all about living an active and healthy life.  It’s where I find all the local 5k sign ups, and it has great workouts for runners and other athletes as well.  So, I found a workout on there.  It’s great.  I just started it this week.  It’s originally from Women’s Health Magazine.  It is a 6 week running workout.  It’s made for women who can already run 30 minutes at a time. It involves running and training your body.  Each week it slowly ups the amount of time you spend running, and it eventually gets you up to an hour straight of running.  This workout is supposed to make you lose 10 pounds!  There is also a sister workout for people who can’t run 30 minutes straight yet.

That is the workout website right there ^^^.  So this workout made me think… By the end of this 6 weeks I’ll be running about 6 miles at a time… That’s HALF of a half marathon.  Hmm… I still don’t have a great desire to do it.  But my brother is training, and so many WT students had great things to say about running 13.1 miles… Maybe this is a step in the direction of a half marathon.  I may not want it yet, but after this 6 weeks.. Maybe I will enjoy running 6 miles at a time and want to run more… No promises!

Oh, and congrats to everyone that finished the half marathon! Ya’ll are so awesome!

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