Technology from the Stone Age

This semester, I took Microbiology.  Every class, our professor would show us a slideshow and add information to each slide.  This is pretty typical for most college classes.  Powerpoint is just awesome for the classroom setting, but we had so many technological glitches in that class.  Some days the computer would take 10-15 minutes to start up, so our professor would just start teaching more over what we had gone over last class period until the computer was willing to cooperate.  One day, it was taking especially long to start up, and when it did, none of her files were on the computer.  So our professor called IT and had them come fix the computer during class.  Somebody made a comment that maybe she should get an updated computer.  I took a look at the laptop, and she really could have used something newer.  It looked like the rundown computers that nobody wanted to use when I was in high school.  High school wasn’t too long ago, but my high school had those computers since my freshman year which was almost 6 years ago!  Laptops just don’t last that long normally.  ANYWAYS, somebody made the comment that she should get a newer computer, and she replied with, “This is the newest computer that our department has.”  All of our mouths dropped.  We were speechless.  So then a few weeks later, the touchpad stopped working, and our professor spent 30 minutes learning to use the computer with the keyboard only.  I think if you asked her, she would say that teaching class with that laptop was certainly an experience.  I know going to that class as a student sure was!

1 Response to “Technology from the Stone Age”

  1. 1 your-words-here May 10, 2012 at 11:34 pm

    that’s sad. I go to a community college on the eastside of seattle and our science dept has all new macs

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