Wave Goodbye to this Semester!

As this semester comes to a close, things are a little bittersweet!  Summer’s right around the corner! For some that means summer classes, but for others it means work and relaxation!  However, we still have finals to worry about and so we can’t get too excited yet.  We have to study and stress non-stop for a week in order to make good grades on our finals.  And then some of us have to say goodbye to some great friends we have made over the semester.

So looking back, what are some of the best things that happened in the Spring of 2012??? Here’s a few:

1. Dr. Robert Ballard and President Bill Clinton came to WT! – This is a big thing for the students of WTAMU! I know we’ve already heard alot about these two people being here, but someday we will look back and realize just how lucky we were to experience this!

2. Titanic came back to theaters! – For the 100th year anniversary, Titanic came back to theaters and this time it was 3D! For all of us in college right now, we were pretty young when it came out the first time, so this was a chance for us to re-experience the movie and actually see it in theaters!

3. We got a new buffalo! – Every so often, WT has to replace the buffalo because it gets to big.  So we are starting over now with a cute little buffalo!  Be looking for it at Student Orientations and Buff Branding!

What are some of your favorite memories from this semester?

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