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The LAST Twilight Movie

I’m living in the dorm this summer, helping out as a Mentor for a program WT has called Upward Bound.  The kids get here June 4th, so until then the Shirley Hall summer staff and I have the dorm to ourselves.  Sound great?  Well, we actually get really bored.  In an attempt to be healthier, enjoy the summer weather, and fight this boredom, we’ve committed to spending an hour outside everyday.  Many days our activities are more vigorous than we imagined so we end up sitting in the air conditioned lobby for a while.  I like this time.  We all have natural dopamine and endorphins running through our bodies.  I think this helps to stimulate our thinking and conversation.  Lately, we have been on such a Hunger Games high.  We all went to the midnight premiere and have been keeping up with production on the new movie.  We like to speculate who they will cast as the new characters, etc.  As we were discussing this last night, one friend mentioned Twilight.  We had all been so caught up in Hunger Games that we had forgotten about the last movie of the series coming out this next fall.  I read all the books and have seen all the movies.  I am much more of a fan of the books than the movies, but I am pretty excited about this last movie.  I’m for sure going to the midnight premiere, and I know many of my friends are.  So some news I have found out about Part 2 of Breaking Dawn…

Kristen Stewart’s words on the next film -“It’s so bizarre the tone change. It’s like you’ve always been behind her … She’s how you see that world, and now that her perspective is completely changed it’s like where am I? It’s really cool, but I’m still a little bit … shell-shocked. It’s not like sitting down and watching a Twilight movie.”

Xavier Samuel’s thoughts on Kristen Stewart in the upcoming film – “I think it’s safe to say people won’t be disappointed … she makes a good vampire.”

Most people think this movie is going to be just another twilight movie.  But I’m pretty sure it’s gonna be ACTION-PACKED!

Remember, there is a good chance this will be shown at the Varsity theater for free at Free Movie Night next semester.  Also, midnight premieres at Varsity are awesome!  There’s no line, and you are just a walk away from campus.  If you DO decide to go to Amarillo, Hollywood has a student discount but UA has an Imax theater! Get excited!!!



Facebook can be used to keep in touch with old friends or family that live away from you, or it can also be used to share and communicate with those you see everyday. From posting status or pictures you can put as little or as much information about yourself as you wish. One of the best things about Facebook is the ability to spread information to a wide amount of people.

WTAMU has their own Facebook page for the school and different organizations and programs within WTAMU also have their own Facebook, such as the Honors Program, the Library or the Graphic Design majors. Until recently I never realized just how useful these pages can be to students.

Often there is post from WTAMU or one of the organizations will post a status or information about the school or helpful articles for students. The WT Graphic Design page contains articles, inspiration, and even information about possible jobs. It was though the WTAMU Cornette Library page that I learned about the Rosetta Stone Program they offer for free. The WT page contains lots of useful information for students on their page so if you are interested or are going to be joining us next year take a look!


Thrift Shops and College

Once I got to WT my eyes were opened to the secret treasures and adventure that thrift stores they hold inside. Thrift stores really vary in size, style, condition, and items that they sell but, exploring one is a great way to spend an afternoon or lunch break.

You can go thrifting for fun to see the crazy clothes and items out there or go to purchase things for yourself. I often use thrift stores as a way to build my wardrobe at a cheap price. I have found many good quality shirts, skirts, and jackets that I could not have afforded at full price. Theft stores are also a great place to purchase furniture for an apartments or dorm rooms while attending WT.

There are two great small thrift stores in Canyon that are about a 5-10 minute walk away from campus called JJ’s Resale Shop and Kookys. I’ve found some great things at these thrift stores from clothes, to snow globes, to Barbie guitars, to card games, to golden unicorns. If you are looking for more places to thrift a quick trip to Amarillo is all you need to find even more thrift stores both large and small.

Thrifting may not be your thing, but if it is or if you are simply curious there are a lot of opportunities around WT for you to find treasures on a college budget!

Keeping in Touch

I am really looking forward to this summer because of the trips I get to make in June. Currently two of my close friends in foreign countries on school sponsored trips. One is enjoying Denmark while the other is exploring the jungles of Costa Rica. Sadly, I won’t be leaving the country this summer, but I will be heading out of town. I plan on traveling to Dallas to visit one of my absolute best friends.

The only downfall to our friendship is that she lives in Dallas and I live in Amarillo, a good six hour drive away from each other. However, that has dampened or weakened our friendship one bit. In today’s day and age it is easy to keep in touch with friends and loved ones when they, or you, move away for any reason, like college. Facebook, email, texting, instant messaging, and Skype are some of the many ways to keep in touch with each other. Of course, you could also make good old fashion phone calls, or even send snail mail.

There is a lot you can do to let your friends and loved ones know how much you care and are missing them once you or they have moved away. Sometimes all it takes is a simple as a text saying “I love you” It is always a wonderful feeling to know that someone has been thinking of and missing you. So don’t worry if you are scared that moving away for college means leaving childhood friends and family. You are going to make new friends that will be amazing, but just because you’ve moved away doesn’t mean you have to lose your old friends.


Great Running Plan!

So I’ve been running quite a few 5ks lately.  I ran in one each weekend for 4 weeks in a row! I’ve also been very content with running JUST 5ks.  So when a swarm of WT students decided to go to Oklahoma for a half marathon, I thought they were all crazy.  Most of them hadn’t trained near enough, and come on, it’s 13.1 miles! That’s 10 more than a 5k.  I do have to say, I was really proud of them!  The ones I heard back from all finished!  What a feat! But, I still didn’t have any desire to run more than a 5k at a time.

BUT, I am getting married this summer.  And you know how it is, every bride wants to lose a little weight before the wedding.  So I’ve really been trying to get in shape.  I love because it’s all about living an active and healthy life.  It’s where I find all the local 5k sign ups, and it has great workouts for runners and other athletes as well.  So, I found a workout on there.  It’s great.  I just started it this week.  It’s originally from Women’s Health Magazine.  It is a 6 week running workout.  It’s made for women who can already run 30 minutes at a time. It involves running and training your body.  Each week it slowly ups the amount of time you spend running, and it eventually gets you up to an hour straight of running.  This workout is supposed to make you lose 10 pounds!  There is also a sister workout for people who can’t run 30 minutes straight yet.

That is the workout website right there ^^^.  So this workout made me think… By the end of this 6 weeks I’ll be running about 6 miles at a time… That’s HALF of a half marathon.  Hmm… I still don’t have a great desire to do it.  But my brother is training, and so many WT students had great things to say about running 13.1 miles… Maybe this is a step in the direction of a half marathon.  I may not want it yet, but after this 6 weeks.. Maybe I will enjoy running 6 miles at a time and want to run more… No promises!

Oh, and congrats to everyone that finished the half marathon! Ya’ll are so awesome!

Technology from the Stone Age

This semester, I took Microbiology.  Every class, our professor would show us a slideshow and add information to each slide.  This is pretty typical for most college classes.  Powerpoint is just awesome for the classroom setting, but we had so many technological glitches in that class.  Some days the computer would take 10-15 minutes to start up, so our professor would just start teaching more over what we had gone over last class period until the computer was willing to cooperate.  One day, it was taking especially long to start up, and when it did, none of her files were on the computer.  So our professor called IT and had them come fix the computer during class.  Somebody made a comment that maybe she should get an updated computer.  I took a look at the laptop, and she really could have used something newer.  It looked like the rundown computers that nobody wanted to use when I was in high school.  High school wasn’t too long ago, but my high school had those computers since my freshman year which was almost 6 years ago!  Laptops just don’t last that long normally.  ANYWAYS, somebody made the comment that she should get a newer computer, and she replied with, “This is the newest computer that our department has.”  All of our mouths dropped.  We were speechless.  So then a few weeks later, the touchpad stopped working, and our professor spent 30 minutes learning to use the computer with the keyboard only.  I think if you asked her, she would say that teaching class with that laptop was certainly an experience.  I know going to that class as a student sure was!

Wave Goodbye to this Semester!

As this semester comes to a close, things are a little bittersweet!  Summer’s right around the corner! For some that means summer classes, but for others it means work and relaxation!  However, we still have finals to worry about and so we can’t get too excited yet.  We have to study and stress non-stop for a week in order to make good grades on our finals.  And then some of us have to say goodbye to some great friends we have made over the semester.

So looking back, what are some of the best things that happened in the Spring of 2012??? Here’s a few:

1. Dr. Robert Ballard and President Bill Clinton came to WT! – This is a big thing for the students of WTAMU! I know we’ve already heard alot about these two people being here, but someday we will look back and realize just how lucky we were to experience this!

2. Titanic came back to theaters! – For the 100th year anniversary, Titanic came back to theaters and this time it was 3D! For all of us in college right now, we were pretty young when it came out the first time, so this was a chance for us to re-experience the movie and actually see it in theaters!

3. We got a new buffalo! – Every so often, WT has to replace the buffalo because it gets to big.  So we are starting over now with a cute little buffalo!  Be looking for it at Student Orientations and Buff Branding!

What are some of your favorite memories from this semester?