Keep Looking Forward

Sometimes life becomes overwhelming. 

Some days are overly stressful.

At this time of year things seem even worse than normal with finals just around the corner. Summer is looming on the horizon, just within our reach, but we are not quite there. Stress doesn’t just come from finals though, some days stress just hits you hard for no reason at all. Of a sudden you realize that you will be graduating in less than a year and will have to start looking for graduate schools, or that you have to choose between a summer internship and graduating early, or maybe have to worry about transferring to a different university, or even that you will have to start looking for a job in your field before you graduate, or maybe you are trying to get in all of your requirements to graduate as an honors student.


I’m not dealing with all of the above, and I pity anyone who would be, but these are a few examples of things that I and my friends are dealing with at this time. At the start of college I was more relaxed because graduation was felt like it was still a long way off. All of a sudden though life can hit you hard when you realize and you are going to have to make real life choices right now.

It is not all that bad though. It can be very overwhelming at first, but then turn into a great joy as you are able to finish college, or have a well-paying job in what you love, or even enjoying that summer internship in a new city.  College can be fun, but try not to forget that your future still requires a lot of choices.

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