If I could explain BuffPortal in one word it would be: convenient!

For those of the upcoming freshmen who don’t know what it is, you will! It will become something that you’re on everyday once school starts. For starters:


– Register for classes

– Pay for classes.

– Check your statement.

– Look up your schedule for the first day of classes.

– Reserve books.

– Look up Academic History. and these are just a few.


– that says it right there. You can check you email very easily through this.


– when classes start, you will have all the classes you’re registered right there.

– Some teachers post grades and send emails through this.

– Can communicate with other classmates and look at your class roster.

– You can submit papers when the teachers allows it.

– It’s a great thing to have when you need to talk to other classmates and check grades.

It’s really easy and simple to figure out once you get used to it and you will! It’s one of the things they teach you at NSO! And with the amount of time you will spend on it, you will catch on in no time! 🙂

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