Studying Abroad

Who DOESN’T want to study abroad? The thing is, most students think it isn’t a reality.  It’s expensive, there’s the paperwork, and do you really think you have a chance of living in another country for a semester?

Well, it’s really not that hard to do it!  You just have to be dedicated and get the small things done.  First, you need to go to the Study Abroad office. Then, you need to talk to your adviser.  They can help you figure out the when, where, and what of the equation.  They will take into consideration your degree plan, 4-year plan, and all other academics.  Then, you need to select a program and apply early! It’s important to apply early so you can get financial aid and credit for the courses!

These are the basic steps on how to get your dream of studying abroad started.  For more information on eligibility and what to do after you’ve been accepted go to

Here are some pictures straight off the WTAMU website to show you what you can experience!

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