Regionals 2012

What a weekend! 😀 It will be hard, but I shall try to describe the amount of fun the WTAMU SIFE team had in Dallas this past weekend at teh 2012 Regional Competition.

For starters, we met up Thursday morning and drove our way to Dallas caravan style. You learn a lot about your teammates when you get to see how they drive. Hahaha! 😛 Anyways, once we got to the hotel and had dinner Thursday was our quiet night. Friday started at 5:30am, at least for the girls in my room, because we had Regional Competition from 8:30am until about 4pm.

Regionals in a nutshell is where all the SIFE teams in our region are split into different leagues, and then each team has a select few give a presentation about the team itself and all the projects and awesome things we have done in the community over the past year. The presentations are judged, and at the end of the day the top 2 or 3 teams from each league receive a trophy and move on to the National Competition in Kansas City, Missouri which will take place in May.

When not presenting, or if you were like me and just went for fun, there’s a career fair to explore and you can always sit in and watch other teams’ presentations. It’s a really interesting day full of networking and lots of free stuff 🙂 plus everyone looks snazzy in the required business/professional dress…that’s right everyone is in suits, girls included.

Afterwards we all went out to dinner, relaxed a bit, and then had a grand old time out enjoying the Dallas nightlife 🙂 and then Saturday was a long day for everyone as we drove back to Canyon.

It was an amazing experience and so much fun! 😀 Can’t wait for the trip to Nationals!!!

Check out the SIFE page to see pictures and find out what else we’re up to 🙂

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