Great Speakers at WT

So we are all getting very excited as next week gets closer.  On April 23rd, Dr. Robert Ballard will be speaking over the discovery of the Titanic, and on April 24th, President Bill Clinton will be speaking as well! These are once in a lifetime chances for the students at WT and the people in the surrounding area.  An article in the Amarillo Globe Newspaper stated that WT considered getting Tim Tebow to come speak, but decided to go for more intellectual speakers.  I think this is a good decision on WT’s part.  However, I would have really loved to see Tim Tebow as well.  All this talk about speakers coming to WT, has made me start thinking about who I would like WT to get to come speak to us.  Here are a few ideas:

1. Bill Gates might be interesting to listen to.  Being a co-founder of Microsoft, he could have some great advice for business or computer science majors.  And I’m sure we could all learn from what he has to say. However, he is the richest man in the U.S., so I’m not sure WT could afford him.

2. Mark Zuckerberg – Who DOESN’T have a Facebook? I know there are a few of you sticklers out there, but about 99.9% of my friends have Facebook pages, and I’m sure we would all love to see Mark Zuckerberg! Many of us have seen The Social Network, and have had a glimpse into the making of Facebook.  He started out as a normal college kid, just like us! That has some inspirational potential there!

3. Colin Firth – The man who played Darcy in Pride and Prejudice and George IV in The King’s Speech does more than just act.  He has been active in the fight for rights for many groups of people including tribal people of Botswana and refugees, or asylum seekers.


I realize these ideas may seem far-fetched, but I didn’t think that President Bill Clinton would ever come to WTAMU, so why not one of the people listed above? Some more people just to name off that would be neat to see: Kim Clijsters, Oprah Winfrey, Michelle Obama, Nolan Ryan, John Lasseter, Vernon Samuels, Chris Colfer, Matt Damon, and Suzanne Collins.

So I have a question for you.  Who would YOU like to see come to WT?

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