Finding Peace in the Midst of Finals

Finals are approaching.  There’s no way out of it.  Although it’s sooo important to study, it’s equally important to find time to relax!  However, with those tests looming it’s easy to push relaxation to the side! And even if you wanted to relax, how could you?  Being a college student means you always have people around you, and that in itself can be stressful.  Some ideas?

1. Use the study nooks in your dorm.  –  Shirley Hall has a loft, which is AMAZING for studying.  And I know that Cross and Gunther also have little nooks that can be used for studying.  But change it up a little.  Use these secluded areas as a chance to catch some z’s!  Take a pillow and a blanket and turn on the light in this area and fall asleep.  Many times these places are deserted.  Take advantage of that!  If you’re roommate has taken over your room, and you need to find a place to go, these nooks are always inviting.

2. Go to the library. – Once again, the library is usually associated with studying.  But take a book that you are reading for fun, or maybe take an art project that you are doing on your own.  Find a quiet place and just find your zone.  Block out the world and focus on your book.  Escape for a while.

3. Go to Counseling Services. –  They have massage chairs in these little dark rooms.  It’s nice.  I went one time and just fell asleep for about 30 minutes and felt so much better!

And if all else fails, and you can’t get rid of your friends, make a date out of it!  The staff of Shirley Hall is having a relaxation day.  We are all making appointments for massage chairs and are gonna do our nails and stuff.  It’s not getting away from everyone, but we all have relaxation on our mind.  That’s a start!

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