Mary Moody Northern Hall


The automatic doors slide open as I walk into Mary Moody Northern Hall (MMNH) on my way to class. I’m definitely thankful to those doors since my hands are full with supplies for class, my phone, a drink from the JBK, and my school bag hanging on my shoulder. However, those doors and many of the features found in MMNH were not there when I started school at WT.

For about the last year MMNH, the building in which all music, dance, and art classes are held, has been remodeled and brought up to date. So far they have put in all new flooring, carpet and tiles, new windows, new automatic sliding doors, new lockers for student use, and new sitting areas in the atrium. It really is amazing how much work they have put into the building.

One of the largest transformations is in the atrium itself which has just recently begun updating. Gone are the old slightly dirty chairs and tables that found themselves in a new location every few hours and in there place are large comfy couches and loveseats arranged to make three different sitting areas. The walls around the atrium which used to stand blank except for the occasional student artwork now exhibit large photographs of the students in the department.

I used to only enter the building for class and then leave after soon after it was finished. But, with this new atrium I am already feeling tempted to spend more time on those large comfy looking couches.

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