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No more color coded parking?

Parking at WT hasn’t been very well lately with all of the construction. There’s just not enough parking on campus for everyone, but starting in the Fall 2012, parking will not be color coded anymore. There will be single parking permits and you are allowed to park anywhere on campus that doesn’t violate the law that is.

I don’t know how I feel about this. I am a commuter now, so having designated parking for commuters that is off limits to residents of WT is nice because as commuters we aren’t on campus all of the time and we don’t go home to campus. But if parking is no longer color coded, it’s going to be a lot harder to find parking because I know when I was a resident, all the residents wanted the commuter spots. So does that mean commuters have to park farther away?

But then I see the benefits. Less parking tickets will be given because there isn’t a restriction. The residents will benefit greatly from this. So I understand the change, but I think the overall change that needs to be made is more parking. Parking might be harder to find once the residence hall behind Jones and Cross goes up.

So how do you feel about this change? What improvements should be done?

Summer is right around the corner!

There is just one more week of regular classes before finals week! I don’t know about everyone else, but I am SO ready for summer to get here to relax. If you’re staying in the area, here are some things you could do:

1) Go hiking! – Palo Duro Canyon is a beautiful place to go, but be careful of the heat! It’s been so hot lately, so stay hydrated. It’s fairly close to Canyon and a great tourist attraction for visiting students!

2) Wonderland Amusement Park! – It’s no Six Flags, but it is really fun! I’ve been going there since I was little and it’s just a great time with friends!

3) Drive In Theater! – Pack into someone’s car and go! They usually show two movies a night and they start the movie once it gets dark. I’ve always loved going because what gets better than watching a movie outdoors? It’s really cool, I definitely recommend it for people who have never been to a drive in!

4) Shopping! – There’s lots of places to shop in Amarillo! The best stores in my opinion are the little hidden ones that you have to look for.

There are a ton of things to do over the summer. So enjoy your time off before school gets back in session next semester!

What are your plans for Summer?!

Keep Looking Forward

Sometimes life becomes overwhelming. 

Some days are overly stressful.

At this time of year things seem even worse than normal with finals just around the corner. Summer is looming on the horizon, just within our reach, but we are not quite there. Stress doesn’t just come from finals though, some days stress just hits you hard for no reason at all. Of a sudden you realize that you will be graduating in less than a year and will have to start looking for graduate schools, or that you have to choose between a summer internship and graduating early, or maybe have to worry about transferring to a different university, or even that you will have to start looking for a job in your field before you graduate, or maybe you are trying to get in all of your requirements to graduate as an honors student.


I’m not dealing with all of the above, and I pity anyone who would be, but these are a few examples of things that I and my friends are dealing with at this time. At the start of college I was more relaxed because graduation was felt like it was still a long way off. All of a sudden though life can hit you hard when you realize and you are going to have to make real life choices right now.

It is not all that bad though. It can be very overwhelming at first, but then turn into a great joy as you are able to finish college, or have a well-paying job in what you love, or even enjoying that summer internship in a new city.  College can be fun, but try not to forget that your future still requires a lot of choices.

Bill Clinton’s Visit to WT

Many WTAMU students were excited last night as they were waiting for Bill Clinton to step on the stage.  There were also people from all around the Texas panhandle, who drove here to see the former president speak.  People have been talking about this for days if not weeks, and the time was finally here to see it.  Looking around, you could see that everyone was trying to catch a glimpse of the secret service.  This just isn’t something that happens in the panhandle often! The welcome and the Introduction for Bill Clinton were both great.  Both speakers stumbled a little on their words, but everyone knew it was because an American President was about to walk on that stage.  Even the Student Body President and a member of the WTAMU faculty were excited for this, which made everyone in the crowd even more excited! But when the faculty member that gave the Intro said “I know Dr. O’Brien wishes he could be here,” everyone looked around in disbelief.  Was the president of WTAMU really missing an even this big? WTAMU donated $100,000 to Bill Clinton’s charity in order to get him to come speak at WT, and Dr. O’Brien wasn’t here to watch?  Now, I have no idea why he wasn’t there, but I have heard a few different rumors.  What do you think about the President of WT not being at the lecture last night? I’ve heard some say it’s tacky.  Some have said he is a really busy man.  According to Amarillo Globe News, “The Distinguished Lecture Series uses money from student fees to cover the costs of bringing well-known people who are also distinguished, or have an array of academic credentials, to speak at WT.”  Some people say that if our fees are paying for speakers such as Bill Clinton to come to WT, Dr. O’Brien owes it to the students of WTAMU to be at an event as big as this.  So what are your thoughts on this whole situation, and what are your thoughts on Bill Clinton’s speech last night??? I’m sorry if you missed it; it was inspiring.


If I could explain BuffPortal in one word it would be: convenient!

For those of the upcoming freshmen who don’t know what it is, you will! It will become something that you’re on everyday once school starts. For starters:


– Register for classes

– Pay for classes.

– Check your statement.

– Look up your schedule for the first day of classes.

– Reserve books.

– Look up Academic History. and these are just a few.


– that says it right there. You can check you email very easily through this.


– when classes start, you will have all the classes you’re registered right there.

– Some teachers post grades and send emails through this.

– Can communicate with other classmates and look at your class roster.

– You can submit papers when the teachers allows it.

– It’s a great thing to have when you need to talk to other classmates and check grades.

It’s really easy and simple to figure out once you get used to it and you will! It’s one of the things they teach you at NSO! And with the amount of time you will spend on it, you will catch on in no time! 🙂

New Student Orientation

Something required of all upcoming students is New Student Orientation! If you’re unsure whether this is you here are some requirements:

1. Recently graduated high school

2. Haven’t received 12 or more credits from a university after you graduated high school.

3. If you have obtained dual credit in high school.

This is a really exciting thing to go to. Not only will you get some necessary things done, you will also get a chance to meet lots of NEW people! You will learn some of the traditions of the school, which includes the fight song! Get to experience the campus and walk around with friends. At first, campus may seem confusing (even though it is small). I visited WT A LOT when I was in high school, but when I actually came here I was really confused. You get the opportunity to stay the night and experience dorm rooms and maybe a roommate.

You will also get a lot of tips on different things that will help you with your journey at WT. Along with that you will be academically advised for the first time by an advisor, and they will help you decide what classed you are required to take and what they recommend. THEN you will get to register for your first classes at WT! Current students will help you with the website and how to register. Peer leader, which direct NSO, are current students that really enjoy WT. They really have fun at NSO and want you to feel the love they have for this amazing campus. You really get to know them here. You may stay friends with them throughout the years.

You are also allowed to bring a guest. I brought my dad who is an alum of WT and he said it brought back lots of old memories! It was really cool to hear his stories while we walked around campus and to hear how much it has changed.

I had lots of fun when I went and I’m sure you will to! Don’t forget to register, the sooner you register the more you’re guaranteed classes that aren’t full! Don’t know where to sign up and want more information? Go to:

Discover the Buff in you!

Studying Abroad

Who DOESN’T want to study abroad? The thing is, most students think it isn’t a reality.  It’s expensive, there’s the paperwork, and do you really think you have a chance of living in another country for a semester?

Well, it’s really not that hard to do it!  You just have to be dedicated and get the small things done.  First, you need to go to the Study Abroad office. Then, you need to talk to your adviser.  They can help you figure out the when, where, and what of the equation.  They will take into consideration your degree plan, 4-year plan, and all other academics.  Then, you need to select a program and apply early! It’s important to apply early so you can get financial aid and credit for the courses!

These are the basic steps on how to get your dream of studying abroad started.  For more information on eligibility and what to do after you’ve been accepted go to

Here are some pictures straight off the WTAMU website to show you what you can experience!