To take, or not to take: Online Classes?

Are you currently trying to decide if you want to take online classes or go the traditional route? Here are what some current WT students are saying about online classes:


Titus Miller, Senior Mechanical Engineer Major

“Internet classes are easy but you must be a self motivator in an Internet class or you won’t ever do your work.”



Dylan Doss, Freshman Sports and Exercise Science Major

“Internet classes are convenient for a busy schedule, but in my opinion, you don’t get the full package as you would a traditional class. You don’t get the in-depth debates, thorough understanding or get to meet new people.”



Lenzi Schmucker, Senior Marketing Major

“Online classes take motivation, determination, and organization in order for success. Many people feel these classes are easier than on-campus classes, I disagree. Students must learn independently and do not receive the direct attention a normal class would. I would personally rather enroll in an online class due to scheduling and convenience.”



Jayce Jane Renee Apsley, Junior Agricultural Communications and Media Major

“Online classes require just as much work, if not more, than a traditional class. You have to be a intrinsically motivated person to succeed in them. They are convenient, however, for busy schedules that make it difficult to take regular classes.”

6 Responses to “To take, or not to take: Online Classes?”

  1. 1 Dalia Almager-Bryan March 30, 2012 at 6:41 pm

    Internet classes are the only way I could finish my degree. I was a single mom with a busy schedule with twins. I would put them to sleep and I would complete my assignments after they were in long as you get your assignments completed by the dealine they are great. The only class I recommend you not take online is an Algebra class.

    • 2 abigailgracemiller April 1, 2012 at 5:51 am

      I actually tried to take college algebra class online my senior year of high school for dual credit. Let’s just say that I had to drop it and took it here at WT. I had Mr. Clewett and Mr. Jacobs and they were great teachers!

  2. 3 Ron White March 30, 2012 at 7:28 pm

    I took all of my upper division classes and some of my basics online (because I live almost 500 miles from the campus). Although the online environment provides more flexibility, there are some definite challenges. But a good professor that can utilize the online format effectively can create a class that provides most of the same interaction that a traditional class provides. Luckily WT has professors that are good at doing this. Most of my professors included weekly online chat sessions to provide the same debate and interaction one would get in a traditional class. Many times these discussions would continue long after the professor left the chat room, making it similiar to meeting with fellow students after class to continue the discussion. We also had group projects that required interacting with classmates through e-mail, online chats, and even skype. Because of the challenge of communicating through many different mediums, I feel like these challenges provided for more of a “real world” experience. Just like traditional classes, online classes are only as good as the professors teaching them.

    Ron White
    Emergency Management Administration
    Fall 2010

    • 4 abigailgracemiller April 1, 2012 at 5:56 am

      Distance from campus is another great reason to take online classes! I had a online child psychology class that I took at WT. We had weekly chats that we participated in. It was great to get to “talk” to the other students in class about the current topics of discussion. I’m currently taking an online British Literature class with Dr. Monica Hart at WT and I love it. She has made it very easy to get to know each other. She had an introduction discussion post (as most online teachers do) and then compiled all of the pictures and made a document where we could put a name with the faces of our classmates. I do agree with you though… they greatly depend on the teachers! Thanks for leaving a comment!

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