Reality of College

While considering topics to write about, I decided to look at other colleges blogs. One of the best ones I came across was MIT’s student blog. The one thing that I noticed was that they weren’t just telling all the happy things about going to school there. Reality is powerful thing. One blogger said going to MIT was like this..

The reality of college is that it’s not all sunshine and rainbows. Going to WT can feel like this too. It’s a learning process. Understanding that you’re there to learn and focus. You’re going to fall down, but ALWAYS get back up.

During my freshman year, the most important thing that I had to learn was HOW TO STUDY!!!!  There is absolutely no way to get through college without putting some serious time in.

Almost every student has overslept and missed a class. Almost every student feels and looks like that penguin throughout these four years. The HELC (computer center) becomes your home. You’re going to feel overwhelmed. This is COLLEGE!

I wouldn’t want to experience this at any other college. These four years of your life will be the best and worst, but why would you want to be at any other college?

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