Great Books = Great Fun

I never thought I would utter these words, but I have fallen in love with a class. I’ve always enjoyed the art classes I take for my Graphic Design major; some days I love them and some days I only like them. My art classes always challenge me creatively and for that I love them, but it is not one of those classes I have fallen in love with. Instead, I have become obsessed with the Honor’s Seminar: Great Books.

I have blogged about this class before, but I cannot help from mentioning it again. The seminar classes offered by the Honor’s Program change semester from yet this is one that has been offered again and again. The theme of the class changes each time to keep variety and introduce more books.

The reason I have fallen so in love with this class is because it is not like your average “book” class. Rather than deeply analyze each book as one often does in a literature class, each student is free to speak about parts of the book that resonated to them. Rather than sit and listen to a lecture, the students are open to discuss with each other their views of the story.

I came into this class expecting it to be like other classes I had in the past, but I found a class that did challenge me and amuse me at the same time.

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