A Trip to Broadway

Every year four different plays or Broadway style shows on tour show Amarillo Civic Center. Having grown up in Amarillo I’ve been to a good few of these with my family, but now as a college student the price of a ticket is a little more than I can always afford; however, fortune has smiled upon me in the Honors Program.

The Honor’s Program is offering a opportunity this semester for students to go and see these plays. There are three plays showing during this semester: Stomp, 100 Years of Broadway, and Shrek. By getting a group of students together, the Honor’s Program is able to get a group discount on tickets allowing us all to go on a college friendly budget. As well as a cheep ticket, the Honor’s program also provides a free dinner for the group before the play.

This is a great offer and it’s hard to beat! I have not gone with a group on an event like this before, though I have heard from those that have that it is a very enjoyable experience. I am looking forward to go and see 100 Years of Broadway with different members of the Honor’s Program. Not only will I get to enjoy a dinner with friends and a show full of Broadway classics, I’ll also get to enjoy seeing Honor’s members I have not met or am unable to see often. The show is not for another couple weeks, but I am already so excited! Another blog will likely becoming after that night. I love all of the opportunities that the Honor’s Program offers to its students.

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