Stay motivated and inspired!

Right now in my life I don’t think I have ever been more motivated and inspired to do something with my life! Sometimes it’s hard to remember why you are where you are and what you want the outcome to be. Some things to help:

1. Get outside and relax! — The weather in this crazy little panhandle town does change a lot, but when the weather is nice go outside and breathe in the fresh air. There’s a little duck pond that I like to go to in Canyon that helps me catch my breathe. When I am having a hard time or just need to breathe I find it a great place to go. Find your own spot and give yourself time think if it’s what you need.

2.Friends! — Friends really do help get you through some tough times. Talk to them when things aren’t going too well.

3. Remember to be yourself. — Knowing who you are is a great way of getting motivated and inspired. College is a great time to figure that out. Be yourself, be happy with yourself, and know what you want in life.

It’s okay to be a little uneasy or not know what direction you want to take. This is the perfect place to figure everything out 🙂

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