Hey y’all! 🙂

It’s that time of year again when the cold/cough starts making its rounds on campus. You know what I’m talking about 😛 No matter what school you go to you should be familiar with the spring cold by now, though most people don’t seem to know the easy way to cure it. So I thought I’d share my remedy for this pesky bug with you guys.

Start by covering your basics. Wash your hands frequently, keep a box of kleenex in your room and a few on hand, eat lots of Vitamin C. Those are things that everyone does naturally when they think they’re getting sick. If you want to make it as quick and trouble-free as possible, you have to take some extra measures. First, I would encourage you to go out, usually to Walmart, and but at least one box of tea. The standard Lipton or whatever brand you like will work, but peppermint is best for sinuses and colds. The honey lemon ginseng does wonders for your throat too. Anyways, drink lots of tea. For those of you who are weird like me and put milk and sugar in your tea, trade them for honey until you recover because the milk will just make it worse. Second, cough drops will become your new best friend. Get yourself a bag and keep a few in your pocket. They really do help, especially since they will also clear your nose so you can breathe in class. Hahaha 😛 Third, go get a bag of clementines. That’s right. A bag of mini oranges. And you will want to eat them 1) because they’re good 2) because you want to get better.

I know some of this sounds weird, but trust me it works. I’ve been doing this for about 2 weeks now and I’m finally rid of that bug! If you have other cold cures, please share. Always happy to find new ways to avoid being sick. Hahaha 🙂

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