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To take, or not to take: Online Classes?

Are you currently trying to decide if you want to take online classes or go the traditional route? Here are what some current WT students are saying about online classes:


Titus Miller, Senior Mechanical Engineer Major

“Internet classes are easy but you must be a self motivator in an Internet class or you won’t ever do your work.”



Dylan Doss, Freshman Sports and Exercise Science Major

“Internet classes are convenient for a busy schedule, but in my opinion, you don’t get the full package as you would a traditional class. You don’t get the in-depth debates, thorough understanding or get to meet new people.”



Lenzi Schmucker, Senior Marketing Major

“Online classes take motivation, determination, and organization in order for success. Many people feel these classes are easier than on-campus classes, I disagree. Students must learn independently and do not receive the direct attention a normal class would. I would personally rather enroll in an online class due to scheduling and convenience.”



Jayce Jane Renee Apsley, Junior Agricultural Communications and Media Major

“Online classes require just as much work, if not more, than a traditional class. You have to be a intrinsically motivated person to succeed in them. They are convenient, however, for busy schedules that make it difficult to take regular classes.”

Reality of College

While considering topics to write about, I decided to look at other colleges blogs. One of the best ones I came across was MIT’s student blog. The one thing that I noticed was that they weren’t just telling all the happy things about going to school there. Reality is powerful thing. One blogger said going to MIT was like this..

The reality of college is that it’s not all sunshine and rainbows. Going to WT can feel like this too. It’s a learning process. Understanding that you’re there to learn and focus. You’re going to fall down, but ALWAYS get back up.

During my freshman year, the most important thing that I had to learn was HOW TO STUDY!!!!  There is absolutely no way to get through college without putting some serious time in.

Almost every student has overslept and missed a class. Almost every student feels and looks like that penguin throughout these four years. The HELC (computer center) becomes your home. You’re going to feel overwhelmed. This is COLLEGE!

I wouldn’t want to experience this at any other college. These four years of your life will be the best and worst, but why would you want to be at any other college?

What Have We Given Up to Get What We Get at WT

I have an acquaintance that went to school at Tech.  She visited WT a few weeks ago, and hated it.  “Why would anyone CHOOSE to go here?” That’s what she asked her friends on facebook.

Let me just say, she probably made the right choice to go to Tech.  But there are many people who love it here at WT.  I’ve made a list of things us buffs have given up to come to WT.  However, I’ve also included the things we have gained by coming here.

1. D1. – District 1 schools are held so highly in America.  They are known for sports, education, and parties.  They get all the publicity and money.  They are well known. So why would we give up going to a D1 school to come to wt?  Firstly, D2 schools have their advantages.  We don’t get as much publicity, but when a WT game is on ESPN.  EVERYONE knows, and EVERYONE watches.  It’s a since of Buffalo spirit that we all have.  It’s a big deal for WT to get attention so when it does, the campus as a whole gets excited and celebrates!

2. A bigger campus – Go to any big, well-known school and just look around at how big campus is.  Some are split up all over the town, some are more like WT where everything is connected.  Either way a big campus means 1 of 2 things.  A long walk or horrible parking.  Now, it would be a lie to say that parking is amazing at WT.  It’s not.  But if you get a bad parking spot here, it means walking all the way across the parking lot.  At a bigger school, getting a bad parking spot means walking across MANY parking lots and walking many blocks to get to class.

3. The Pride that comes with saying I’m an Aggie, Longhorn, or Raider – My sister went to A&M, and for the longest time, I dreamed of being an Aggie.  They have so many traditions and such pride in their school.  It’s pretty awesome.  But along with the pride comes extreme competition, 300-500 person classes, and and a sense of loneliness.  There is no limit to how many students can attend WT.  You don’t have to fight to stay in school.  Also, if you are struggling in a class, your professors are more than happy to spend time with you.  They WANT you to succeed.  They aren’t trying to weed you out.  And going to a smaller campus allows you to get to know people.  Walking around campus, I have multiple conversations with people a day.  It’s really easy to get to know most of the people here. Also, we get access to all of the resources A&M has.

4. Debt – A&M costs $37,916 a year, UT costs $46,098 a year, and Tech costs $31,590 a year. Wanna know how much WT costs a year? If you live in Texas or a bordering state, 8,810 a year.  If you live out of state, 19,340. WOW.

Just some things for you to think about!

100 Years of Broadway

Last Thursday I took a trip with a group of honors students to see 100 Years of Broadway at the Amarillo Civic Center. It’s hard to describe the experience of that night, but if I had to choose one simple word it would be: amazing.

The night started out with dinner at Joe’s Tacos, a Mexican restaurant in Amarillo I had never tried before. The food was good, but the conversation was better. Along with the honors students, a professor at WTAMU, Dr. Amy VonLintel, joined us for dinner and the show, and we had a wonderful time talking to her. The dinner conversation was filled with fun and scholarly talk as we discussed classes, thoughts, and ideas.

After dinner it was time to head off to show. It was one of the best nights I’ve had in a couple of weeks. If you are like me and enjoy Broadway show tunes, or the show Glee, then this would have been a great night as well. Of course, it was made perfect because I was able to spend the night with my classmates and friends.


Humans Vs. Zombies is backk!!!!

For those of you considering joining this is one of the many events held by the residence hall association that is the best. If you are unsure of what it is, let me tell you. Anybody that is a student at WT can participate but you have to go to a mandatory meeting which was last week. Everybody starts off a human and there’s one original zombie. They wear bright bandannas to tell each other apart and it’s this campus wide game that is soo much fun.

Last year, I wasn’t able to fully participate, but I was able to watch and it was hilarious. A couple of my friends and I sat outside of the dorms and watched and it was very entertaining.

If you come to campus this weekend watch out for the zombies and humans! 🙂

Mmm… Pad Thai, Fried Rice, Sushi Galore!

I visited WT my senior year of high school, and went to Thai Spice.  I ordered their Pad Thai and instantly fell in love.  That wasn’t the deciding factor of which college I went to, but I was super excited about eating their all the time when I lived in Canyon.  Then, when I moved here, I was told about “Soccer Mom’s” (Sayokarmarn’s).  I heard it was the best Thai place in town.  I went with some friends, we ordered the Crab-Cream Cheese Wontons as an appetizer.  FELL IN LOVE.  I can eat those for a meal by themselves.  So I ate at Sayokomarn’s for a while. THEN, I heard about Thai Kitchen.  They are known for their Fried Rice.  Every Tuesday and Thursday, they have $5 fried rice.  It’s soooo good, and they give you a ton! Also, Mondays and Wednesdays, you get a free egg roll.  I was very, very satisfied with the amount of Asian food in Canyon. I got cravings for one of the three items above, every so often, and I satisfied it very easily.  THEN, WT got a sushi place! Sushic is a yummy option for us sushi eaters.  It’s very tasty and it’s in the middle of campus, so you can grab it and go.  Honestly, if you have a love for Asian Cuisine, WTAMU is THE university for you.  Forget any other college you are thinking about, and run here.  You won’t regret your decision when you taste the Pad Thai, Crab Cheese Wontons, Fried Rice, or sushi!

Great Books = Great Fun

I never thought I would utter these words, but I have fallen in love with a class. I’ve always enjoyed the art classes I take for my Graphic Design major; some days I love them and some days I only like them. My art classes always challenge me creatively and for that I love them, but it is not one of those classes I have fallen in love with. Instead, I have become obsessed with the Honor’s Seminar: Great Books.

I have blogged about this class before, but I cannot help from mentioning it again. The seminar classes offered by the Honor’s Program change semester from yet this is one that has been offered again and again. The theme of the class changes each time to keep variety and introduce more books.

The reason I have fallen so in love with this class is because it is not like your average “book” class. Rather than deeply analyze each book as one often does in a literature class, each student is free to speak about parts of the book that resonated to them. Rather than sit and listen to a lecture, the students are open to discuss with each other their views of the story.

I came into this class expecting it to be like other classes I had in the past, but I found a class that did challenge me and amuse me at the same time.