Varsity Theater vs. Hollywood or UA

So, I’m willing to be many of you have gone to Varsity for Free Movie Night at least once.  But have you ever gone and actually paid for a ticket there? If not, WHY not?  And if you haven’t ever been to Free Movie Night, why is that?  I think I know that answer to that.  It’s the fact that it’s old, run down, and shabby looking.  Now, I know this may not be true for some of you.  They do indeed have a limited amount of movies that show, considering they only have one screen.  But I’m here to tell you all the amazing things that Varsity has to offer you!  First off, yes, they have free movie night every other Sunday.  Awesome!  I was told my first week at WT, “If it’s free, it’s for me!”  Second, the owners are SUPER nice.  One time, I ordered a pickle, and the one he got out of the jar was small, so he only charged me half of the price!  You won’t get that at a bigger theater.  Third, their prices are WAYY better than any place in Amarillo!  $5.00 a ticket.  Even with a student discount or ticket voucher from C.O.R.E. at another theater, it’s still cheaper.  It’s never TOO crowded.  Yes, sometimes there is a crowd, but many times, it’s actually pretty empty.  If you don’t like previews, this is the place for you.  They only show one or two previews before the movie.  Also, midnight premieres… many people get so excited for midnight premieres.  They buy their tickets as soon as they are available, and stand in line for hours at a large theater only to trampled by more “hardcore” fans when they are let into the theater.  Varsity does many midnight premieres.  They don’t really advertise, you have to call and ask, so not many people go.  They sell the tickets the night it comes out (and remember they are way cheap) and you can enjoy a midnight premiere in a half full theater!  I may be a little biased… but I do believe that Varsity is great for WT and Canyon!  There are some drawbacks… the snacks or overpriced (but whose aren’t’?),  some seats are broken, and it’s not the cleanest.  But if you can get past these things, you will have a great experience.

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