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So in one of my last posts I mentioned S.I.F.E., the group on campus that I joined, but I realized that I didn’t really say what the group is. On oversight on my part, but soon to be addressed.

Students In Free Enterprise, or SIFE, is the largest campus organization here at WTAMU. They work in the community doing community service projects as well as some business consulting. Some of the projects in the works right now are Beyond Green, which is a research/consulting job for a company who wants to build an ecofriendly kitchen, Achieve the Dream, where a group of members tutors English to refugees living in Amarillo, and Fill the Field, which is a food drive of epic proportions. So lots of different ways to get involved and find a niche in the group. I am part of the Kids Cafe project which is where I literally spend an hour every Friday and Monday afternoon dishing out trays of food at one of the elementary schools in Amarillo. Basically I get to see what it’s like to be a lunch lady and the kids get a free dinner when they may not have eaten at all otherwise.

Apart from the projects there are one time events that people sign up for just to rack up hours, which we need in order to go to the Regional Competition (I’ll explain that in a bit). For example, a group of about 13 of us spent 3 hours volunteering at the High Plains Food Bank Garden this past Saturday. We cleaned up the garden and spent lots of time flipping compost piles. I have to say that after shifting 10,000 pounds of rotting bananas, I’m not as much of a fan of that particular yellow fruit anymore. 😛 Regardless we had fun and helped get some work done in a much shorter time period than it would’ve taken the pair who run the Food Bank. Plus afterwards we went to check out Cadillac Ranch and then had lunch together, so it’s not all work and no play. 🙂

Now the reason for wanting to put in so many hours is so that each person is eligible to go to Regional Competition. This is a 2 day/1 night road trip to Dallas in April where all the SIFE groups in the area gather. Each group has an 8 person team give a presentation which includes a video and speeches telling the judges exactly what we’ve been doing to better our community. I’ve been told that the WT SIFE team has won Regionals consecutively for quite some time (the figure escapes me at present), so it’s something worth going to. Also, there is a HUGE career fair where all the companies who sponsor SIFE (mostly Fortune 500 companies) will have booths up and will be looking to hire us. A big plus for college kids!

So a worthwhile endeavor to say the least. Check it out http://www.facebook.com/pages/West-Texas-AM-University-SIFE/149299728425775

SIFE – “A head for business, a heart for the world.”

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  1. 1 Matt March 3, 2012 at 4:07 pm


    Thanks for your post. I’ve been in SIFE for about 3 years now on my team at UNC Charlotte in Charlotte, NC and it has been the best thing I’ve done in my college career. I hope you make the most out of it and enjoy it to the fullest.


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