Involvement in Moderation

Hey guys! 🙂

A few weeks back I encouraged y’all to go out on campus and get signed up for clubs, organizations, and do everything you could. After taking my own advice, I realize that was a little crazy. So I thought I’d revise my previous statements and say that getting involved is definitely a good thing, but give your schedule a look first.

So that this makes a little bit more sense, here’s why I’m recanting my earlier enthusiasm. The week that I told everyone to go join a club, I did just that. I’ve been a member of S.I.F.E. (Students in Free Enterprise) for about 3 weeks now. Don’t get me wrong, I love it 🙂 It’s a great group that does lots of cool projects that help out the campus and the community. Whether you do the same or find something else, regardless of what you sign up to do, you’re going to get really busy, really fast. For example, I need to earn 20 hours by working on projects in time to go to the Regional Competition in April, so of course I jumped in head first and signed up for just about everything available. DON’T DO THIS!!! Unless you have absolutely nothing else on your calendar, give yourself a little breathing room and adjust.

I only say this because 1) There will be days when you get homeworked in the face and need to not have 5 billion things to do 2) You won’t always have the willpower to keep imitating the energizer bunny and 3) You will not have any time or energy left to spend with your friends. I’m speaking from experience. My friends/dormmates had no idea where I was or what I was doing for most of the past week and a half. When I finally emerged on Saturday it was like they were surprised to find me still alive.

Anyways, so the point I’m going for here is yes you should find a group/club/organization that you enjoy! I just caution you to keep your datebook close to hand so you know what else you have on your plate before taking on any large number of commitments. You will be happy you did in the future 🙂 I’m not trying to scare anyone out of joining clubs or anything, just advising you to be smarter about it than I was. Hahaha 😛

GO SIFE!!! 🙂

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