Weekend Entertainment

Hey y’all! 🙂

As you can probably tell by the title of this post, I thought I’d share one of the many ways we college kids enjoy our weekends up here at WT. (No this does not necessarily involve alcohol, but should you be of age and wish to add it you can.I do not encourage it though.)

Anyways, no doubt most of you either have or soon will learn of the infamous Midnight Rodeo dance hall/bar upon joining us in Canyon/Amarillo. Yes people will tell you sketchy stories and advise you not to go there, but with a little common sense and some friends you will have fun and be no worse for the wear. My friends and I go out and dance every weekend purely for fun, and have yet to have a mishap. (Knock on wood) It’s just a fun way to get out, have fun, relieve stress, and meet new people. Granted you will meet a few who have had too much to drink, but they are not scary or hard to get rid of.

So presuming that I haven’t scared anyone off from ever venturing to Midnight Rodeo, the reason I thought to write about it is because of the concerts they put on frequently. For example this past Friday and Saturday I paid a grand total of $30 to see Granger Smith and Pat Green live in concert. So over 2 nights I got to see a couple of amazing shows and dance with lots of fun people, both good friends and new aquaintances. Even better is that this isn’t a rare occurrence. Next Friday will be Kyle Park, March 2nd will be Stoney Larue, March 16th they’ll have Josh Abbott, and that’s only the ones in the near future!

Needless to say, these concerts are a ton of fun and won’t send the college kid budget up in flames. So I would encourage those who love country music, dancing, or both to check it out. You will definitely see me there! 🙂

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