Inkslingers 2012

February 6th   
Monday Morning

There’s a chill in the air as I get out of my car and walk toward the building. It is 9 o’clock and time for class to begin, but I’m not headed to my classroom. I walk though the doors of Vermillion Editions Limited to meet up with the rest of my class. Although it was early, and I was still a bit sleepy, I was excited to meet spend the day at Vermillion meeting four guest artists as part of the Inkslingers event.

Vermillion Editions Limited is a print shop located in Sunset Center in Amarillo, Texas. Vermillion was purchased and is owned by WT for use by various art majors. The building was three times larger than I had expected and filled with many different types of presses and equipment. After the tour of the building, and some explanations on the different tools we were free to walk around, meet with the artist, observe, and even help out if it was needed.

The four visiting artist were Jenny Schmid, Michael Kruger, Bill Fick, and John Lysak. Each of the artists spent the day working on various projects and had some work to show us. They took the time to explain their work, what they were doing, and even their views on art and printmaking as they worked though the day. It was wonderful to hear each of their views on their work and the field of printmaking as a whole. Hearing the artist talk, and seeing them in the groove of creating gave me positive feelings for the future. Although I’m not perusing a job in printmaking, it is inspiring to see four different artists that have enjoyment in the work they create. I look forward to another event like this in the future.

Interested in Vermillion? Want to check out some pictures from the Inkslingers event? Check out:

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