Farmer’s Daughter Lesson #1: How to drive the tractor. 

One afternoon, Dad and I went on a “tractor date” so that I could learn how to drive the tractor. While he wanted me to learn how to drive the tractor so that I could work and help out on the farm and make some money, I can almost guarantee that he had an ulterior motive… I mean honestly, what farmer wouldn’t love the fact that his daughter can drive the tractor?

On our tractor date, one of the very first things that Dad felt was important for me to know and learn was how to use “auto steer” or auto pilot.

Dad loves auto steer. There have been times that we’ve stopped plowing to figure out why the GPS satellite is down so that we can continue to plow on auto steer.  It’s not as if we have to use auto steer to plow with… but he was determined. So wait for the satellite to pick up signal again, we did. (Yoda voice)

While plowing with precision isn’t such a big deal (to some)… planting on the other hand is. You can’t make mistakes when it comes to planting. Period.

Dad’s theory behind auto steer all the time so that you want to prevent any mistakes. So when I jump on the tractor, I pull the list of fields with their coordinates and field numbers of the the arm rest compartment, plug in the right field number, make sure I’m the right field, determine if I’m plowing in a circle or straight rows, let the GPS satellite configure the “RTK”, take the tractor out of park/neutral, turn on the auto steer, and then take off…. at a fast 6.0 mph.

When you think about it, life should be the same way.

We as Christians need to have the urgent desire to prevent ourselves from falling from God’s grace through the act of sinning. Everyday, we need dress ourselves with the armor of God so that we are prepared to fight the trials and tribulations that the devil throws at us. Ultimately… we need to allow ourselves to be on “God-Pilot”.

We humans have a problem with unintentionally trying to “drive” our own lives. I mean come on, God is… well, he’s God. He doesn’t need help from Abigail Grace or anybody else because He knows what is the best. While sometimes we think that things in our life isn’t going as we think we should and we try to help God out, we need to take a deep breath, stop and let ourselves turn on our “God-Pilot”.

“God-Pilot” works much like auto steer on my tractor, Clyde. When we turn on our “God-Pilot”, we have access to so many amazing features:

-100% accuracy guidance and steering: God will guide and steer us through life. He knows where all of the potholes and ruts are in the road of life.

-24/7 “lifeside” assistance: God is always around for listening and talking to. God will be there when you’re having struggles with your family, friends, or just life in general. God will be there when you’re faced with making a hard decision. God will be there when you’re just plain lost in life and have no idea where to turn to next. He loves 4:00 am “prayer calls”.

-Limitless manual/guide: God has provided us with the most perfect manual to life. We couldn’t possibly have ever dreamed of having such an amazing book that is filled with everything you will ever need when it comes to dealing with life’s ups and downs.

-Eternal warranty: God will never get run down, tire out, break down, lose His energy, stop working, or any other malfunction. He has been, still is, and will always be here for us.


Disclaimer: In all reality, “God-Pilot” has so many more features than auto-steer. “God-Pilot” works a lot better but then again, what can you expect, He’s perfect.

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