Happy Valentine’s Day!!!

It’s almost Valentine’s Day, and love is in the air!  But Valentine’s Day can be hard on a college student’s budget… So here are some great ideas for you to either do for yourself or for your sweetheart!

Now, don’t quote me on this, but I THINK this weekend is Free Movie Night at the Varsity theater! It’s the weekend before Valentine’s Day!  What a perfect date! All you have to pay for is a romantic snack like cotton candy or popcorn that you can feed each other, and a drink with two straws!!!

Also, the dorms are having tons of Valentine’s programs!  Shirley just had a valentine’s wreath making program AND a card making program!  Be on the look out for flyers in your dorm that have to do with V-Day!

There are also many activities on campus with different organizations that have Valentine’s activities!  I know the BSM has a dinner for all the single ladies where the BSM guys serve the food!  Buffs For Christ has a meal for the elderly women at University Church of Christ, where the girls provide the food and the boys are the women’s dates! It’s so cute!  So be on the lookout across campus for any information on activities such as these!

Now, if you have money, and that’s not an issue, but you want to get something different and quirky, I have some ideas for you.  www.fredflare.com  has some great gifts.  I got my boyfriend a giant gummy bear on a stick!  They also have things such as bacon chocolates, anatomical heart pillows, and the traditional valentine’s hearts… but in Spanish! There really are some cute things on this site.

Also, if your significant other is a big disney fan, Lady and the Tramp has been released from the vault for a limited time!  Buy her the new Diamond Edition.  It comes with DVD, Blu-ray, and digital copy! All in one!  She will love you FOREVER, and ya’ll can watch it and have a night in, instead of spending money on a night out!

I hope I gave you some ideas that you liked!

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