C.O.R.E. is a great thing at WT.  They provide free movie nights at the Varsity Theater, and put together a weekly list of all the activities on campus, many of which they have put together.  C.O.R.E. is in charge of all organizations on campus.  My freshman year, my friend and I decided we wanted to start an International Cooking Club.  We would assign each month a country and have two meetings per month.  The first would be a meeting where my friend and I would teach them how to cook a signature meal from that country; the second meeting would be where every member brings a dish that they made that is native of the month’s country.  Sounds awesome right?  We thought so.  We learned first hand from a Chinese woman how to make noodles, and green beans, and dumplings.  China was going to be the first month.  So we went to C.O.R.E. and talked to them.  They told us a few things we needed, such as a certain amount of members, and a member of the WTAMU faculty to head things up.  After we provided these things, they would provide us plenty of money to keep the club running and have activities.  The only problem is that we were brand new to WT.  We didn’t know any faculty or students besides our selves… and we eventually gave up our dream.  Sometimes I wish we had gone through with our plans.  It’s really easy to start club or group, we were just lazy!  So if you have a great idea for a club or group, set it in motion!

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