The Honor’s Space

The Honor’s Program offers many perks including the Honor’s Space found on campus. This is a great place for students to hang out between classes, get started on their homework, plan get together, have study groups, eat lunch, and much more.

One of the first items on our tour of the Honors Space are two computers that are available for students to use on homework or recreation. These computers are great when one needs to look something up, or print out a file for class.


Next, there are many comfy chairs and a table for students to use and relax in. It’s not a huge space, but the wall of windows allows in nice light and helps expand the space.

A nice feature of the space, for when one just needs time to relax and wind down from class, is the flat screen T.V. and attached DVD player. It’s always nice to relax with friends while watching cooking shows, cartoons, or that new movie every one has been talking about.

honors TV

The T.V. is not always in use, because there are times when students sit on the various couches and chairs to study and discuss classes. Here are some of my fellow honors students talking about their new classes of the semester.

students working

The Honors space also includes a full kitchen that is fully stocked for student use. They provide some snacks and drinks available to students (for a cheap price) and students can always bring and make their own food.

And last, is the classroom found at the back of the space. There are some core classes offered though the Honor’s Program for Honor’s students. The classes are smaller in size and mostly taught in the classroom. It also serves as a great room for study groups or meeting on group project.

Since I am a commuter, I spend most of my free time between classes in the Honor’s Space. I love it and am glad of all that it offers to us students.

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