Beginning of Semester Tip #4: Find Alone Time.

I know. The title sounds….


-like a loner




-[insert your own personal opinion]


Before I venture on, I will clarify one thing: I love my friends and I love spending time with them.

But despite what we think or how much we like being around people, we all need alone time. And if by some rarity that you don’t need alone time, I know for sure you’re friends do. It’s human nature and definitely not a bad thing.

For some, alone time might mean going to work out at the AC, or Facebook stalking, or cleaning, or putting your headphones and listening to music to drown out your surroundings, or taking a bear nap, or watching the Law and Order: SVU marathon that’s on channel USA, or simply staring at the wall….. or if you’re like me, reading.

I actually am all alone by myself right now. I took off all my bracelets and my long necklaces and my watch and put on my sweats and my hoodie. My contacts came out and my glasses got put on. My hair went up in a ponytail. I picked up the book that I’ve been dying to go buy, “City of Glass” by Cassandra Clare, and curled up under my Texas Tech fleece blanket my Aunt Patti got me for Christmas my senior year when I just knew I was going to school at Tech…. but that’s a completely different and long story that I might get around to telling someday.

However… I’ve got a date. With my book. :)


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