Beginning of Semester Tip #3: Breathe!

These were my ideas and thoughts before classes started…

I. Can. Not. Breathe.

In a metaphorical, mental sense rather than a physical one.

You might be wondering why I can’t metaphorically or mentally breathe is… I just looked at my class syllabi.

I am taking 18 hours this semester. I am working 20.5 hours a week as well.

Just thinking about my upcoming semester makes me hyperventilate. No joke.

No, I didn’t inform you of my spring semester schedule (whoa…. alliteration, nice.) because I’m seeking sympathy or because I’m feeling sorry for myself. It’s more like I’m trying to remind myself that I just signed away my life for the next few months. It’s more like I’m trying ask myself what I was thinking when I was making my spring semester schedule. I honestly have no idea…


These were my ideas after the first week of class:

I. Can. Do. This.

I definitely think I worked myself up for no reason at all. Yes, I still think that my schedule is a little busier with more hours of class and work. However… the way that my schedule is arranged, it should work out better.

In all reality, if I just keep myself oraganized and write everything down in my handy dandy Victoria Secret’s Pink planner, I should be just fine. :)

So, I will pass along a word of advice…


Oh… and “use and abuse” your planner.


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