Beginning of Semester Tip #2: Avoiding the Freshman 15

The Freshman 15… what every college freshman fears the most, well maybe besides flunking out of school. 

If you are unaware of what the Freshman 15 is…

Freshman 15 (n): the average amount of weight gained by students during their first year of college.

Daunting, I know.

Here’s the deal. You don’t have to be the typical college student and gain the Freshman 15. There are a few ways to avoid the “spare tire” or the “muffin top”:

1. Go workout at the AC (Activity Center) on campus. They have lots of options to chose from when it comes to working out.

– racquetball

– indoor running track

– elliptical machines

– treadmill machines

– weights to work on your abs, arms, legs, etc…

– volleyball court(s)

– basketball court(s)

– swimming pool

– classes for zumba, kickboxing, etc…

The best part about going to the act to work out is that it’s free! Well… it’s free in that you’ve already paid to use it the facilities. So you might as well.

2. Eat healthy.

-Watch what you eat. Laugh all you want but us college kids, we think we’re invincible when it comes to the spare tire. Unless you just have amazing genetics and a great metabolism, chances are you’ll be sporting a spare tire before too long if you don’t watch what you eat.

– There is an app that you can find on the iPhone and Android markets called “My Fitness Pal“. This little app is amazing. It kinda reminds me of R2D2 from Star Wars. What MFP does is, it calculates how many calories you are allowed to consume daily based on your age, height, and weight. Then, every day, you enter in everything you eat and drink. What’s amazing about MFP is that if you searched for “Olive Garden salad” or “Sonic Large Dr. Pepper”… it’ll have just about  have anything from any major fast food chain restaurant you can think of. It knows how many calories, carbs, sugars, trans fats, etc… are in anything. Or if you are eating a hommade recipe, you can simply add all of the calories, carbs, sugars, trans fats, etc… in yourself! You also record your daily weight, so you can track your weigh gain/loss. You also calculate in your daily exercise, which will burn calories. Yippee! Talk about an amazing app.

3. Get enough sleep. Sleep deprivation can have a day on your weight as well as how good your brain functions.

So if you’re thinking about wanting to go work out at the AC but you’re afraid that you’re out of shape and you’ll feel dumb… don’t worry.  The girl that is slowly jogging around the indoor track, huffing and puffing… that will be me. You won’t be alone. :) As much as it pains me to quote High School Musical, “we’re all in this together”.


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