Lessons Learned

There are somethings at WT that you think would be common sense, but you get lazy and you don’t do them.  Then you suffer the consequences.  Well, here are a few lessons I’ve learned the hard way while at WT.

1. Keep your grades up.  Seems like this is something that everyone knows your supposed to do, but it’s something almost all of us struggle with.  We have a chance to study, but instead we spend it watching tv with friends or going shopping.  My first semester, I was on the Dean’s List.  And let me tell you,  I studied ALL the time.  But it felt good, I never made a failing grade on a test, and I was in the top 10% of all my classes.  But I decided to take things a little easy these last two semesters.   I didn’t start the semester with good study habits; I waited to see if the class was hard first, and then decided how much to study.  This ISN’T good.  It leads to struggling in difficult classes, and making B’s in classes that are easy A’s.  I haven’t made the dean’s list since, and I’ve lost some very big scholarships. So this semester I’ve made a study schedule, and I’m determined to study as much for my classes as I did at the beginning of my college career.

2. Check “My Announcements.”  On WTClass, you have your courses on the left hand side.  Most of the time, if your professor has something to tell you before classes officially begin, they send you a message.  This shows up under the course as a little letter icon.  I learned to depend on this icon.  DON’T DO THIS.  Look at the right hand side of your WTClass homepage.  Under Smarthinking is a section titled My Announcements.  Every once in a while, you will get a professor that will post something VERY important under My Announcements.  Check this.  My first day of Physics 1 Lab, my professor yelled at all of us, because no one had done the pre-lab.  I had checked WTClass for any instructions, but didn’t see the icon.  So I figured we didn’t have any homework yet.  Wrong.  Because I didn’t check My Announcements I had to listen to a lecture about being irresponsible, and I was told that I shouldn’t be in college if I’m not going to come to class prepared.

3. Get greenlighted as soon as you can.  I know I have already posted about my greenlighting experience this last semester, but I can’t stress enough how much trouble will be avoided if you get greenlighted early.  I have always been greenlighted the first week we can, until this semester.  I put it off until the last week, and I paid for it.  I went through so much stress that could have easily been avoided.

Things are common sense for a reason.  Don’t tell yourself that the rules of life don’t apply to you, and that you can do whatever you want without consequences.  Listen from those of us who learned the hard way.

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