Honors Seminar (pt 2)

So earlier I gave you guys an overview of what an Honors seminar is like. Now I’d like to share some of our rather crazy tales from our week of partial supervision in Galveston 🙂 Hahaha! There are lots of them, but don’t worry I won’t get carried away. Here are a few of the better adventures we had, in order of the level of entertainment provided from least to most.

Deep Sea Fishing: This escapade took place Saturday morning and began around 6am. All but two of our group of 18 came out for four hours of fun just outside the Galveston Harbor. Of the four hours, we spent half of it feeding the fish. I say this because there was only one catch the entire time and that one was too small to do anything with besides cut it up for bait, which one of the crew did while it was still wriggling around. Kind of creepy… The other half of the time my compadres and I were relaxing upstairs in the breeze, having some snacks, and watching our friend Vanessa freak out over the ever-circling seagulls. It was quite the start to a day.

Galveston Harbor Tour: We actually went on two tours of the Galveston Harbor, but the second one was infinitely more fun. The trip out on the Earl Martin Jr. took us past the oil rigs, the TAMUG campus, the wreckage of the Selma, and out to the cross-section of the Houston Ship Channel, the Inter-coastal Waterway, and the Galveston Channel. The tour itself was very informative and educational, it was the tour guide that made it so much fun 🙂 Captain Alan told jokes, stories, and played chicken with dolphins the whole time. Hahaha! He even introduced us to the Ghost of UTMB, the story of which is about an old Aggie sea captain who now haunts the UT medical branch campus. You really can see his face in the wall too!

NASA: Our level 9 tour of NASA showed us all the behind the scenes technology and research that is allowed to be shared with those who aren’t NASA personnel. We saw the shuttle, Robonaut, the makings of a house for living in space (Mars), the Neutral Buoyancy Lab which is basically a giant pool where the astronauts practice for their space walks, and even Mission Control (all 4 of them). Now I know this all sounds like it would be a very formal outing, and yes we were all dressed up, but us Honors kids are the kind who can find entertainment in just about anything 🙂 We explored everything, role played in Mission Control, shared some amazement over the silverware dispensers in the cafeteria, and had to hold back the boys from jumping into the Neutral Buoyancy pool. Hahaha! We were the most fun tour those guides had had thus far 🙂

Sandcastle Building Contest: This was the most fun activity we had all week, and it was an assignment from Dr. Davis, our professor for the seminar. We were given about two hours and four plastic cups per team to build whatever we wanted in the sand, no criteria to follow. Challenge accepted! So our teams of four split up the beach and got started. At the end of the two hours there stood two fortresses, a giant starfish, and our team’s collection of random structures. Hahaha! We had started out building a castle, but one we left our master architect to carve it into his detailed masterpiece the three of us who were left just built whatever we felt like. We ended up with a castle, a tower, Cowboys Stadium, Bigfoot Caves, and Sand Henge 🙂 I’ll have to get the pictures up for y’all when I get a hold of them. Anyways, the smaller of the two fortresses won the competition simply because they had added a Neutral Buoyancy Lab 😛 Regardless, we all had a blast!

So I hope that these anecdotes entertained, informed, made you think, and/or at least made you smile 🙂 


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