Honors Seminar (pt 1)

So I realize that most high schoolers are thinking about college based on classes, books, sports, and money. There isn’t much thought to what you’ll do with your spare time once you get things going. My recommendation is to join some sort of club. In short, get involved on campus. It’ll hep you make friends and begin your network of contacts that you will one day need.

One of the many groups and clubs found on the WT campus, mine is the Honors Program. It’s more of an academic society, though most of us Honors kids aren’t the kind to spend all of our time studying. We prefer to work smarter rather than harder 🙂 Anyways, it’s a group that does require certain scores on SAT/ACT tests, but the opportunities you will have access too are worth looking into.

A good example of what the Honors Program can offer are the seminar classes which Honors kids are required to take at least 2 of before graduating. The seminars are a semester long class followed by a week long trip that will allow you to build on the content covered in class, as well as expand your knowledge on the subject. The most recent was the Engineering based seminar this past fall semester, which I was part of, and our trip was a week spent in the Houston/Galveston area. Basically, I and 15 of my friends/classmates lived together for a week in a beach house in Galveston, and spent that time going to museums, TAMU Galveston, NASA, and lots of boats. When we weren’t busy seeing all the sights, we were at the beach, in the hot tub, or relaxing at the house. It was a week well spent 🙂

Apart from the seminars, Honors has connections in just about every department and will use them to help gain options for students who show the initiative to go after them. It’s like having your immediate family within the extended family of WT.

Granted Honors isn’t the only group you can join on campus, but luckily you can be Honors as well as anything thing else you want. You can be in every club on campus and still be in Honors, which our current student body president happens to be.

Hope I gave you something to think about! I will have stories from the seminar trip up soon 🙂

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