Getting Married in College

So.. big news… I’m getting married!!! And… I’m a junior in college.  Sounds impossible, but you’d be surprised how many people do it!  I know three couples myself who are married in college.  It’s gonna be tough, but there are some perks to it.

The first perk is, you are poor.  Doesn’t sound like a perk, but trust me it is.  FINANCIAL AID!!! I know some people who did not qualify for financial aid until they got married.  It’s not like the money comes pouring in or everybody would get married, but you do get some help.

Second, if your spouse is going for the same major, you have a 24/7 study buddy!  One of my friends is wanting to be a physical therapist, and so is her husband.  Every semester they take the same classes at the same time. They are hardly ever late to class because they have their spouse to wake them up or remind them, if one is sick the other can still attend and take notes, when it comes to tests they get double the studying done.  It really seems like a great system.

Third, you have your best friend cheering you on the whole way.  Let’s face it, college is rough sometimes, but with your spouse by your side, you get encouragement along the way.  When you have a brutal test coming up, they will help you study. When your feeling stressed, they will take you out for a movie night to forget about your worries.  They can help you in so many ways.


Even though, there are some great things about getting married in college, it is still a good idea to wait until you graduate if you think you aren’t ready for a full-time commitment to your wife/husband.  You do have to be there for them all the time, and if you need to focus on you for now, that is understandable.  You have your whole life ahead of you to get married.


If you do decide to get married in college, here are some tips.

WT’s counseling service offers pre-marital counseling. If you take 8 hours of this, they waive your marriage license fee.  It also helps you see possible future arguments, and find ways to stop them from happening.  These counselors can teach you all about special financial aid for married couples, and ways to stay on top of your grades.

But it doesn’t hurt to talk to a married couple from your church.  They know all about being a good spouse and giving all you have to your religion at the same time.  They’ll tell you important things, that you may not here from a regular counselor.

Also, the chapel is a great place for weddings.  It’s small.  It holds 100-125 people, but it’s beautiful.  Also, they limit the amount of people booking the chapel, so that if you (like me) decide you are gonna get married in 6 months, you still have a chance at snagging the chapel as your venue.  Right now, they are only booking June, and starting February they will book July.  Most places take as many people as possible causing it to be impossible to find a venue for a couple with 6-month engagement.  Also, it’s cheap.  Some places charge over $1000.  The chapel is yours for only $100.

Whether you choose to get married in college or after, I wish you the best.

1 Response to “Getting Married in College”

  1. 1 Taylor February 10, 2012 at 3:28 am

    Love this :D.. Being married is such an incredible blessing!

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