Get to know your professors

Professors can be very intimidating, but getting to know them and getting to talk to them can be a very great thing!

Some steps on how to get to know them:

1 Just go to class! – As simple as it may sound, some students have a really hard time doing that with their new found freedom. Going to class can be seen as a sign of respect to a professor and it will also improve your grades. The professors will eventually start to recognize your face.

2. Use their office hours! – They have office hours for a reason, so if you’re too busy to talk to them before or after class, go chat with them during their office hours.

3. Go to events! – If the professor talks about an event in class they are more than likely going to it, so why not make an appearance. Go say hi to them if they aren’t busy.

4. Be a part of the discussion during class! – One of the hardest things for a professor to do is to get students to speak up during class. Don’t be intimidated discuss your opinions and ask questions! You’re there to learn so why not ask for help or figure out other students opinions or the professors.

Professors are there to help us learn, so use them to your best advantage. One of these days you might need a letter of recommendation (or quite a few) and the more professors that know you and who you know the better!

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