WT Sushi?

So, last semester we all found out that we would soon be losing the smoothie and ice cream store and it would be replaced by a new Sushi place… Hmm… Now I liked the smoothie place, but let’s be honest… I got 3-4 smoothies a semester tops.  And I NEVER got ice cream; it’s free in the caf!  So I understand why they are doing away with it, but Sushi? Really?  Hmm…  I like sushi.  It doesn’t agree with most people, but it agrees with me.  If it wasn’t so expensive, I would eat it more often.  But like I said not many people like sushi.. so lets say 30% of WT likes sushi (I think that’s stretching it a bit), Out of those 30% who are willing to pay that much money on a regular basis at the JBK…  Probably 5%??? I mean part of the fun of going out for sushi is the atmosphere.. You just aren’t gonna get that in the JBK.  Also, if this sushi is cheaper,  how many people are going to be willing to try cheap sushi… Sounds fishy to me.  Lol ok sorry bad pun.  But really!  Sooo I’ve come up with a few ideas that I think WT SHOULD have gone with…


1. A bakery – It’s such a hassle to go to the caf in the morning for breakfast, or to make your own food.  Who wouldn’t appreciate a bakery with donuts, croissants, kolaches, cookies, muffins, etc.  It’s right next to the coffee shop, so people would grab a coffee and then get in line for their breakfast to eat on their way to class! GENIUS! Who doesn’t love carbs?

2. A wing place – Such as Buffalo Wild Wings, Wing Stop, Wing street.  College students LOVE wings.  After every football game, where does everyone go??? BWW. Where to they show the first away game of the season? BWW.  If we had a wing place in the JBK, people could go there to pick up their wings and then sit on the couches and watch the game on the TV there!

3. Frozen Yogurt – Now I know it’s similar to smoothies and ice cream, but hang with me!  It’s ALL the rage in Canyon/Amarillo right now. Google or Bing frozen yogurt in Amarillo right now and you get Frazzleberry, Just Chill’n, Orange Leaf, etc.  It’s healthy, AND it tastes good, AND it’s the new thing! I know all my friends would just go crazy if WT had froyo on campus.


Well, there you have it, maybe this sushi place will work out, and honestly I hope it does.  Good sushi that I can buy with my dining dollars??? Sounds like a deal to me! But if it doesn’t, we should all push for these 3 ideas and hope one of these gets picked next!

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