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C.O.R.E. is a great thing at WT.  They provide free movie nights at the Varsity Theater, and put together a weekly list of all the activities on campus, many of which they have put together.  C.O.R.E. is in charge of all organizations on campus.  My freshman year, my friend and I decided we wanted to start an International Cooking Club.  We would assign each month a country and have two meetings per month.  The first would be a meeting where my friend and I would teach them how to cook a signature meal from that country; the second meeting would be where every member brings a dish that they made that is native of the month’s country.  Sounds awesome right?  We thought so.  We learned first hand from a Chinese woman how to make noodles, and green beans, and dumplings.  China was going to be the first month.  So we went to C.O.R.E. and talked to them.  They told us a few things we needed, such as a certain amount of members, and a member of the WTAMU faculty to head things up.  After we provided these things, they would provide us plenty of money to keep the club running and have activities.  The only problem is that we were brand new to WT.  We didn’t know any faculty or students besides our selves… and we eventually gave up our dream.  Sometimes I wish we had gone through with our plans.  It’s really easy to start club or group, we were just lazy!  So if you have a great idea for a club or group, set it in motion!

The Honor’s Space

The Honor’s Program offers many perks including the Honor’s Space found on campus. This is a great place for students to hang out between classes, get started on their homework, plan get together, have study groups, eat lunch, and much more.

One of the first items on our tour of the Honors Space are two computers that are available for students to use on homework or recreation. These computers are great when one needs to look something up, or print out a file for class.


Next, there are many comfy chairs and a table for students to use and relax in. It’s not a huge space, but the wall of windows allows in nice light and helps expand the space.

A nice feature of the space, for when one just needs time to relax and wind down from class, is the flat screen T.V. and attached DVD player. It’s always nice to relax with friends while watching cooking shows, cartoons, or that new movie every one has been talking about.

honors TV

The T.V. is not always in use, because there are times when students sit on the various couches and chairs to study and discuss classes. Here are some of my fellow honors students talking about their new classes of the semester.

students working

The Honors space also includes a full kitchen that is fully stocked for student use. They provide some snacks and drinks available to students (for a cheap price) and students can always bring and make their own food.

And last, is the classroom found at the back of the space. There are some core classes offered though the Honor’s Program for Honor’s students. The classes are smaller in size and mostly taught in the classroom. It also serves as a great room for study groups or meeting on group project.

Since I am a commuter, I spend most of my free time between classes in the Honor’s Space. I love it and am glad of all that it offers to us students.


It’s okay to feel a lost in a class. One of the joys of WT is that tutors are available and there is a math and science lab, and a writing center. Life happens and so does getting behind, but to keep up with your classes is very important. Don’t be afraid to ask for help, or go talk to your professors. They are here to help you and their job is to teach you. If all else fails there is a ton of help available across WT. And don’t worry, you are more than likely not the only one having a pr0blem. WT is like a big community and everyone is here to help.

The Library

Ohhh the library.


One of the most obvious places to study, but not a lot of people know of its greatness. I’ve been going to school at WT for two years and I just recently discovered how amazing it is! When you need a quiet place to study or just need to read a book or be alone, stop by the library. If I have a really hard test or any free time to study it’s my go-to place to do that. If you need a book or article, the staff is more than happy to help you find what you need so don’t be afraid to ask.

So lesson of the day: Use the library’s greatness to help you this semester 🙂

Email, Email, Email!!

One of the easiest and most used way of communication at WT is through email. It’s a lot easier to get a hold of professors and other students through your email. I will email professors before I go into their office, or before calling because answers can come a lot quicker and most professors check their email often. There is also an email that gets sent around every week with all of the events happening on campus so it’s also a great way to know what’s going on. So if you don’t use your email often, start to! It’s a VERY useful tool in college!

Beginning of Semester Tip #4: Find Alone Time.

I know. The title sounds….


-like a loner




-[insert your own personal opinion]


Before I venture on, I will clarify one thing: I love my friends and I love spending time with them.

But despite what we think or how much we like being around people, we all need alone time. And if by some rarity that you don’t need alone time, I know for sure you’re friends do. It’s human nature and definitely not a bad thing.

For some, alone time might mean going to work out at the AC, or Facebook stalking, or cleaning, or putting your headphones and listening to music to drown out your surroundings, or taking a bear nap, or watching the Law and Order: SVU marathon that’s on channel USA, or simply staring at the wall….. or if you’re like me, reading.

I actually am all alone by myself right now. I took off all my bracelets and my long necklaces and my watch and put on my sweats and my hoodie. My contacts came out and my glasses got put on. My hair went up in a ponytail. I picked up the book that I’ve been dying to go buy, “City of Glass” by Cassandra Clare, and curled up under my Texas Tech fleece blanket my Aunt Patti got me for Christmas my senior year when I just knew I was going to school at Tech…. but that’s a completely different and long story that I might get around to telling someday.

However… I’ve got a date. With my book. :)


Small Town, USA

I love living in a small town, especially one so close to a larger town like Amarillo.  We don’t have as many drug and gang problems, but we are close enough to the mall and shopping centers.  However, I recently spent some time with my aunt who grew up in Pensacola, then moved to New York for a few years, then moved to Hawaii for a few years, then sailed the sea for a few years, and is now living in Sweden close to Copenhagen, Denmark.  She is used to living in a big city.  I thoroughly enjoyed listening to her stories about these far off places.  She really wanted me to move to New York for a few years, and although, that sounds like a wonderful idea, I don’t think it’s going to happen.  Now that I’m getting married, I’m realizing that after college, I’m probably going to find a good town and settle down. I’m perfectly happy with this decision, but for those of you who are a little more adventurous, maybe you should consider moving somewhere more urban after college.  WT is a great place for school for many reasons.  The student to teacher ratio is great, people are friendly, it has a good reputation, it’s small, etc.  These are things you are DEFINITELY not going to get in a larger town, but after you graduate, maybe you should try for an internship in Washingtion, D.C., or look for a job in L.A.  It’s a great way to see parts of the world you aren’t familiar with.  I know many people who have done this, and it seems like great fun!