Risks Worth Taking at WT

3 risks worth taking at WT?

  1. Get to know your professor.  Some professors are great, but others are a little on the unpleasant side.  Most of the time you already have an idea of how your professor will be when you sign up for the class because you’ve talked to other students who have taken that class before.  However, it NEVER hurts to get to know your professor face-to-face.  Your friends might make fun of you, but it’s the best thing to do.  Your professor might be rude to you or make you feel stupid when you talk to him, but the fact that you showed interest in his/her opinion will gain you some extra brownie points… or points for your final!
  2. Apply for jobs on campus.  Sometimes, a job opportunity on campus might catch your eye, but you think “I’m not a people person, and that’s what they are looking for,” or “If I get a job, it will cut my study time down.”  Ignore these thoughts.  When I applied to be an RA,  I saw that many girls were applying to work at Shirley.  I saw the type of girls applying for Shirley, and I thought that I could never compete, but I signed up anyway.  I got the job!!!  It turns out, Shirley Hall wanted a well rounded group of RAs, and they didn’t necessarily want the personality I figured they were looking for.  Also, jobs on campus work around your class schedule.  WT realizes that your main duty is school.  You need time to study.  If you get a job on campus, your boss will give you plenty of time to study.
  3. Work the bonfire.  Although we didn’t have a bonfire this year, I think this is important to touch on.  Each year during homecoming, students can volunteer to help build the bonfire.  If you do this so many hours you get “the holy grail” of tshirts.  Only a few students get these shirts every year.  You might think “I just have too much studying to do,” or “It’s so cold; I’ll just stay inside and watch tv.”  If you think these things, you WILL regret it!  You will see that random person wearing the bonfire shirt, and you will be devastated that you didn’t suck it up and help too!

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