Looking Back at Finals Week

These past few days of have certainly been busy ones filled with reading books for class, scanning test reviews, completing art work, picking up portfolios, meeting with study groups, and writing papers. Thankfully, finals are survivable and always lead us college students to a well deserved break. Although the semester is over and I do not expect to start studying again until the next one starts, I must credit the two study spots that got me though finals week. Each of these spaces has its own pros and cons, but they are valuable to a commuter like me who sometimes finds it hard to focus at home.

  1. Honors Space – First off we arrive at the Honors Space, my second home while on campus. This space provides all the comforts of home but with less distraction and more of that school like feel. The couches and chairs are great for commfort (or perhaps a quick nap), the classroom is useful in group studies, and the kitchen provides easy access to that much needed study snack. However, it sometimes gets too crowded with those not studying and one can easily lose their motivation to study when surround by friends.
  2. Library – This is my alternative when I find the Honors Space a little too rowdy to study. The library offers quiet sanctuary and easy access to materials needed for that ten page paper you have due in a week. The large tables are great for the need to spread out your stuff or meet with a group on a project. The library can get busy though, especially around finals, so do not be surprised if you see it crowded or have a little trouble finding an isolated table to sit at.

These are two spots that have always helped me when working on memorizing science terms, writing up 10 page papers for class, or working on my latest blog entry.

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