On, On Buffaloes…

I come from a high school that has a Mule as the mascot.  Mules are tough and strong, but typically not very intimidating.  Recently I have been thinking about mascots and kind of ranking them in my head.  In college some of the funniest are a beaver, a billy goat, an elephant, the blue blob, the fighting okra, fighting pickle, a lumberjack, the penguins etc.  There are also some that I think are appropriate because they seem intimidating and strong: Dragons, Aztec Warrior, tigers, bears, etc.  So what about a buffalo, is it intimidating???  At first thought (I picture a buffalo grazing on a prairie), no.  But then I think of our Thunder X running out on the field with the Herdsman at its side.. The first game this year, one of the herdsman tripped and was dragged the whole way!  I’m scared of him!  Is he strong?  Well after what I just said, I think you know the answer.  Is he cute?  Heck ya, he is!  You should see all the freshman girls surrounding his pen at orientation and Buff Branding!  AND it’s West Texas… The buffalo is the PERFECT mascot for WT! (:

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