Finals Week

So it’s that time of the semester again. (drumroll…) Finals Week.

I know this is a time that all of us wish we could just skip over, or just speed through it so that it’s over as quickly as possible, but it’s something that we college kids have to think about each semester. Not only because it’s a major part of our class grades (though that is really important) but because at the end of the week we have to have our rooms cleaned up and be packed to head home for the month long Christmas/New Year’s break. It’s a lot to have prepared during this stressful time, so I thought I’d give y’all a look into our lives and how we get through the end of the semester.

My friends spend hours and hours worrying over when they’re going to study and how they’ll get through all their tests without going crazy, but it really doesn’t have to be so bad. So rather than freak out like most people, here’s my strategy for having a stress free finals week.

  1. The weekend before needs to be filled with stress relief. You can work out, rock climb, swim, color, ride, whatever does the trick for you. Personally I got a group of friends together and we went out to concerts and danced 🙂 You just need to relax and have a clear head.
  2. The day before your finals start make sure you have all the times and locations correct and written down. Then plan out the hours when you need to sit down and study for each one so that you are prepared and calm. Use whatever techniques work for you. If you need to get a group together, there will definitely be people in your class who are willing to meet up.
  3. Go about your normal routine. Most people think that for finals week they need to change their eating and sleeping habits to whatever they’ve been told is ‘best’ since elementary school. This will not help. Go about life the way you usually do, just with you’re added study time. It’ll keep you calmer and help you retain the info you’re trying to remember for your exams.
  4. When you aren’t studying, have some fun. Yes finals are important, but they don’t need to consume you for the week. Take breaks to go out and have some free time with friends 🙂 It’ll help keep you as sane as you usually are.

So that’s the school side of the week. As for the whole checking out of the dorm and getting yourself packed and ready to head home, don’t stress about it. It’s an easy process that takes 4 steps.

  1. Know when you’re last final is.
  2. Have you’re travel plans worked out ahead of time.
  3. Put aside a day or some time to clean your room, do laundary, pack, etc.
  4. Sign up for a check out time with an RA.

So that’s my easy guide to finals week, which by the way can work for high school too. I’ve done it 🙂 Hope this has been helpful, informative, or even entertaining. Good luck!

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