A Very Conner Christmas

Hey y’all! The holidays are in full swing and the time of the year when we college kids have the most fun has begun 🙂 So I thought it’d be cool to share some of our favorite times with you.

The annual dorm Christmas party is the program that I and my fellow Conner Hall residents look forward to most of all. Granted it is a hall council meeting so there are announcements of what’s going on over the campus and such, but afterward we pj it up and have some Christmas fun 🙂 We pick a dj to play some holiday music, bust out the tree (yes we have a Christmas tree) and string lights all over the lobby. We even have a flashing light up santa who we hang on the tree outside our dorm 🙂

Whilst we decorate there’s hot chocolate and cookies to snack on and ornaments to make so that our tree has a little something from each of us on it, and in return our RAs put up a small stocking for each of us residents and even for some of our former Connerites who still spend most of their time hanging out around the dorm 🙂 And after we’ve finished setting everything up, we have a White Elephant gift exchange! Most of the newer additions get gifts that people will like, but the more fun way is to get the most ridiculous present ever and see who ends up with it 😛 A good example is one of my best friends decided to put in the most horrendous used romantic novel she could find in the Hastings book store down the street. It was definitely worth it for the look on the unlucky recipient’s face!

So as you can tell, it’s a great night to come just have fun and enjoy ourselves before the serious task of studying for finals starts.

Hope the holiday season has started off with a colorful bang as it did for us 🙂 and I hope that some of you will come join in the fun next fall semester!

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